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Lennart van Kampen - Lennart's Garage


My name is Lennart van Kampen. I am a Dutch artist and designer specializing in automotive art and the owner of Lennart's Garage.

Lennart's Garage is recognized worldwide as one of the finest creators of bespoke automotive art sculptures. Born from my fascination for cars and motorsports and my passion for woodworking, I set out to create something that would sparkle the hearts of all passionate car enthusiasts. The attention to detail, together with its exquisite antique and rustic style, is what makes my work unique and distinguishable. Throughout the years, I have dedicated my energy and passion to achieving a level of quality and craftsmanship that will leave a long-lasting impression on its beholders. 

Each piece is built by hand and exclusively made upon order. If you wish to secure your piece, please apply through the contact form below for detailed information on waiting times and pricing.

- Lennart van Kampen (Founder/Owner)


Lennart's Garage

Steenzoutweg 5 G42, 7555 GZ

Hengelo, The Netherlands

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